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Abu Dhabi Aviation is the largest commercial helicopter operator in the Middle East, operating 61 helicopters (15 Augusta Westland AW139s, 23 Bell 412s, 19 Bell 212s and 4 Bell 206s), 3 fixed-wing aircraft (DHC-8). The company employs over 900 personnel, including over 150 pilots and   over 150 aircraft maintenance engineers. The greater part of the company's business activity is in support of the Abu Dhabi offshore oil, engineering and construction industries. Other business activities also include medical evacuation, survey, photography and charter. Additionally, all aerial spraying of crops in the UAE and the majority of aerial spraying in Oman is carried out by ADA.

From a two helicopter beginning in 1976, the fleet size had increased to a total of 34 aircraft   by 1983, flying over 38,800 hours annually, an average of over 100 hours per day. In 1985, Abu Dhabi Aviation was authorized to operate fixed-wing aircraft and to conduct third-party aircraft maintenance. In 1991, Abu Dhabi Aviation was awarded its first fixed-wing aircraft contract. This contract, with the largest oil company in the UAE, is now operated with three new DHC-8 aircraft.

Abu Dhabi Aviation has also expanded its operations to cover the region and has completed numerous contracts throughout the Middle East and beyond, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Sultanate of Oman, Republic of Yemen, Spain, Pakistan, Eritrea, Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Australia, India, Afghanistan Iraq and Indonesia. Seismic surveys in search of oil and other natural resources have been completed utilizing specialist under-slung load techniques using up to 150 ft "long lines", thus enabling the helicopter to remain well clear of all obstructions. This same technique has also been used most successfully to conduct other work, such as erecting pylons, as part of government schemes to bring electricity to remote areas, and construction of microwave towers.

ADA has operated 2 Bell 212 helicopter in support of long-term contracts for a major oil company in the Republic of Yemen. The company also has an ongoing firefighting contract in Spain. The company's marketing department actively pursues new business opportunities worldwide.

Since its inception, ADA is now approaching the 1,000,000 flight hours mark in helicopters and over 55,000 hours in fixed wing aircraft. Bell Helicopter awarded Abu Dhabi Aviation with a plaque to commemorate the completion of 700,000 helicopter hours. The high intensity of offshore oil support work has required an annual average of approximately 200,000 landings and take-offs. In an average month, 15,000 passengers and 162,000kgs of freight are transferred to and from offshore areas. In addition, over 11,000 passengers are moved between various offshore locations. Sustaining these rates has required a high degree of dedication, commitment and professionalism on the part of the pilots, engineers and support staff.