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Corporate Governance

We are committed to providing our shareholders with sustainable growth and return; our clients with service excellence and reliable products; regulators by adhering to all aspects of compliance and to our staff by providing them with challenging and meaningful jobs in a company they can be proud to be associated with; and ultimately we are committed to our community by acting in a positive and caring manner and showing them that we care and belong to them for the long term.

Corporate Governance Report

The Board of ADA is fully committed to consistently protecting the interests of all shareholders through the application of high standards of Corporate Governance. Effectively applied corporate governance guidelines are the foundation of business integrity and ultimately lead to robust and sustainable business results. ADA aims to preserve and enhance shareholder value by ensuring high standards of professionalism, corporate performance, and accountability

At ADA, we believe in strong and ethical corporate governance, promoting transparency and responsibility. As a large corporation we rely on our Board of Directors to guide and supervise our general operational and long-term vision. We strive to implement the best international practices in our workplace to ensure full and effective business continuity.The Board has adopted a set of written corporate governance guidelines and takes responsibility for overseeing the accuracy and completeness of ADA's corporate governance guidelines and compliance with rules and regulations.

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Board Involvement

The ADA board consists of non-executives, shareholder representatives and entirely independent experts, who work proactively together to define the company's long term strategies, devise business plans and continually monitor our progress in terms of goal-achievements as well as compliance with best practices and legal standards.

Policies and Reporting

Our operational and HR policies, internal audit cycles, and quarterly board meetings that discuss in detail the executive reports and financial performance are measured against the 3-year business plans. Further, our ERM procedures are widespread and closely monitored.

Finally, the Board has 3 oversight committees (Nomination & Remuneration, Risk and Audit, Investment Committee) to ensure that the company conducts itself appropriately and responsibly while achieving its commercial targets.

Procedural Rules for Corporate Governance and Supervision on their Implementation

Code of Conduct

ADA has an established code of conduct delivered via a set of guidelines applicable to all employees in the conduct of their business and professional activities and when dealing with colleagues, vendors, clients, government agencies and the public. It serves as a reminder to all those working in the Group that it is important for all of us to uphold the highest standards of integrity and personal conduct in all matters that involve our work.All employees are required to adopt the fundamental principles of honesty, trust, justice, equality, integrity, and to live and enhance the values of trust, openness, teamwork, professionalism and determination.

Annual Review

The total state of the business undergoes a complete annual review. It includes a mandatory overall business performance review as part of our commitment to our shareholders and open AGM following on from an exhaustive review process by the Board of Directors. At this the previous year's performance is examined closely and a new year business plan is submitted, examined and approved by the board in readiness for the New Year. In addition we have in place the annual review and goal setting process that applies to all staff and this is based on the company's business plans as set out for the year in review.